This is an Intensive Training Program to help Train, Calm and Rehabilitate Dogs with severe fear, anxiety or aggression issues towards people, certain people or other dogs and animals.

This is a Personalized Program designed to bring harmony between you and your dog. You will learn to navigate life with less conflict and fear. We will also teach you to identify and in turn guide your dog through stressful situations. 

Let’s face it, our dogs have the ability to make us melt with one look! They make us laugh, smile, feel needed and wanted, make us feel loved and cared for. They complete us. But what happens when you start to see some unwanted  uncontrolled behavior from your dog? What happens when a friendly bark turns into an aggressive lunge? What happens when your dog bites a stranger or even a family member?

Does this mean your dog is a bad dog? Where did you go wrong? What are your options? What should you do? 

It is horrifying, rather – scary, to believe that the dog you love so much could have any other side to him.  We often find ourselves in a situation where we offer excuses like, “Well, he is great 99% of the time, It is just that 1%..or.. that she is a great dog, as long as we don’t leave the house or until someone visits us.” 

No matter what the issue, we can set you on the path to confidently resolving  your dog’s problem behavior by giving you a Plan , Hope , Results and Confidence. We give you tools to work with your dog, both -  on and off-leash, inside and outside your home.

We specialize and love working with difficult dogs, and have tackled countless behavioral issues from very-mild to very- intense.   By using our Human Canine  Communication System that incorporates Daily Training as a holistic solution rather than a Band-Aid short term trick-by-trick approach.

With over 3 decades of modifying and correcting problems , giving hope to dedicated Pet Parents,  we believe -  there is no dog that cannot return to Balance and there is no behavioral problem too big to be resolved.

We take pride in saying, CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!