Elements of a Perfectly Balanced and Satisfied Dog At Alfa 11 we believe, “A dog is an irreplaceable companion that needs balanced life of exercise, leadership, and affection.

Socialization is the most important part of training with Alfa 11. A social Dog is able to focus first on the owner before becoming overly distracted by its environment, new people, or other animals.


Obedience training gives us tools to clearly tell our dog what is expected from them. Dogs in our program receive one on one obedience sessions to learn their commands. We focus on the foundation commands of sit, down, leave it, heel, stay, climb, crate, wait, come, as well as how to respond to the word NO.

Proper management skills are extremely important when teaching your dog how to live in the house and how to behave in public. We always want to set  the dog up to be successful; our leash, create, playpen, confined room, climb bed, our supervision, and most importantly, our energy allow us to properly manage the dog as they learn our rules.